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Orly & Cléopâtre - Ferme de l'Âne du Saint-Laurent - Quebec © JB Bénavent
Mum Orly & baby donkey Cléopâtre (1 month old) © JB Bénavent
Beauty & tender for a Mommy donkey & her baby - Bonita & Chanelle- For Shamâne - Quebec.© Nathalie K
Cléopâtre & her baby donkey Milou © Nathalie Kremer
Mommy donkey and her baby - Tenderness - So beautiful - (Cléopâtre & Milou) - © Nathalie Kremer
Garou, portrait in a snow day - Port-au-Persil - Quebec © Nathalie Kremer
Beautiful portrait of Cléopâtre, female donkey.©Nathalie Kremer
Garou, a donkey stallion, in front of the Ferme de l'Âne du Saint-Laurent's shop.© Nathalie Kremer
Portrait of Garou.Farm of the St-Lawrence donkey in the area of Charlevoix. © Nathalie Kremer
Azur, female donkey, portrait for Shamâne, Port-au-Persil, Quebec.© Nathalie Kremer
Portrait of a stallion donkey in the nature.© JB Bénavent
Beautiful donkey, ferme de l'Âne du Saint-Laurent - Charlevoix - © Nathalie Kremer
Nathalie & baby donkey Maya, Ferme de l'Âne du Saint-Laurent,Quebec. © JB Bénavent
Maya, baby donkey, 2 months old. Farm of the St-Lawrence donkey. Charlevoix.© JB Bénavent
A soft donkey look for Shamane - © Nathalie Kremer
Garou, donkey, Port-au-Persil, Quebec. © Nathalie Kremer
César, a stallion donkey, portrait in front of the 'bouclier Canadien'.© Nathalie Kremer
Babies Merlin & Diva in front of The St-Lawrence River, Port-au-Persil.© Nathalie Kremer
Serge and Orly, female donkey. Ferme de l'Âne du Saint-Laurent.© Nathalie Kremer
Merlin, young donkey. Ferme de l'Âne du Saint-Laurent. © Nathalie Kremer
Four big ... big ears for one donkey head ! © JB Bénavent
What is that? Back head donkey portrait ... His name: Garou. For Shamâne. © Nathalie Duvermy
Azur -Ferme de l'âne du Saint-Laurent- Quebec ©JB Bénavent
Female donkey named Provence, in front of the St-Lawrence River-Charlevoix area ©JB Bénavent
Cléopâtre, mysterious female donkey.©JB Bénavent
In my look, my donkey soul ... Shamâne. © JB Bénavent
Baby donkey named Chanelle because of her beautiful colours©Nathalie Duvermy
I don't like the winter ... where is the grass for eating ... Ferme de l'âne du St-Laurent ©Nathalie
Donkeys Garou and César. Port-au-Persil-Charlevoix area © JB Bénavent
The beautiful female donkey named Provence and the St-Lawrence River © Nathalie Kremer
Donkeys Zoreilles and Spok.Big friends. Port-au-Persil © Nathalie Kremer
Portrait of Provence, beautiful female donkey. For Shamâne. ©Nathalie Kremer