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Rosewood bar soap
Rosewood mini-soap
Rosewood Shamâne soap
Sea foam mini-soap
See foam bar soap
Set of 6 mini-soaps
Shower milk "For Man"
Silver razor
Silver shaving brush stand
Sky Blue CapSky Blue Cap
Sky Blue Cap
Small bag
Softness of Apricot shower milk
Spring of Charlevoix bar soap
Spring of Charlevoix mini-soap
Spring of Charlevoix Shamâne soap
Spring of Charlevoix shower milk
The Shamâne Range
Trio shower 'Apricot-Almond'
Trio shower 'Apricot-Indigo'
Trio shower 'Apricot-Natural'
Trio shower 'For Man-Grey'
Trio shower 'For Man-Indigo'
Trio shower 'For Man-Red'
Trio shower 'Lavender-Grey'